We’re reopening. Well, kinda!

We went away for a bit, but we are coming back.

We’re working with new partners to serve the snowbiking community in different ways.

Contact Us: TheSnowbikeShop@gmail.com

We have learned so much about snowbike assembly, choosing parts that work, and snowbike maintenance from Chad at Innerspace Watersports that we want to stand on top of a mountains and tell the world!

No, seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Need parts? They maintain an in-house inventory like nowhere else.

Need a bike build consultation, or a full service solution? Nobody else builds more bikes, or rides more days in a year. Chad knows his stuff, and his staff are great to work with.

Enough said, right?

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Call: 250-549-2040

We are the Snow Chimps. Our name says a little bit about how seriously we think of ourselves as riders, and as YouTubers. But hey, we like to think that we represent 90% of the riders out there who, like us, just have fun putting around and perhaps hitting some small jumps. We are everyday enthusiasts that most people can relate to.

We have a simple website where you can learn more about us, our bikes, and the projects that we are working on.

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The new MTN TOP snowbike kits are radical in their design, and performance. You had better snow check immediately before they are sold out for next year!

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The CMX 120 sure has been putting a smile on our faces this winter. Considering they only make around 50 kits per year, we feel very fortunate to have one.

Order yours for 2023/24 before they are sold out!

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We have built a massive online application for the moto industry and it has now been launched. You’ll need this Access Code to get in: