The Evolution of Snowbike Footpegs

When we first mounted a snowbike kit to a dirtbike, we thought that standard OEM dirtbike footpegs would do the trick. It turns out we were wrong. We quickly learned that the downfall with these pegs had to do with the size of our winter boots and the pegs inability to shed snow and ice easily.

A wider peg was needed to accommodate our stompers, and eliminating some of the common criss crossing patterns of OEM pegs should make for a cleaner, ice free peg.

Generation 1

We started by building our own Adventure Bike style, oversized footpegs. Our Generation 1 peg is significantly wider than an OEM footpeg. Built from quality materials and viewed as an immediate improvement by those installing them on their bikes, we felt we were headed in the right direction. One hurdle that we didn’t overcome was the efficient clearing of snow and ice. The Gen 1 peg managed to trap some snow and ice, and we felt we could do better.

Generation 2

As with our Gen 1 pegs, the Gen 2 pegs are manufactured with 7075 Aluminium and Titanium to ensure a quality, long lasting product. Replaceable set screws offer up the grip you need, without going overboard and wreaking havoc on your expensive backcountry boots. The big improvement with Gen 2 is the removal of the center portion of the peg to allow for easy snow and ice clearing at the stomp of a foot.

Gen 1 Footpgegs

Gen 2 Footpgegs

We have had great feedback from customers, and have had plenty of time to field test these on our own as well. Wide footbed, great traction and the ability to clear snow and ice easily has made for some happy days in the backcountry.

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~ Ian McKill, Riders Edge Suspension & The Snowbike Shop