I installed my first Rekluse clutch in a customer’s bike in 2002 and I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought it was a fad that would soon be forgotten. Fast forward 15 years, and we sell and install more Rekluse clutches than ever. So, the question is, do we need a Rekluse in a SnowBike?

As you may have guessed, I don’t have a one word answer…..


  • The bike doesn’t stall due to rider error.
  • Getting unstuck is a breeze, as you can feather the throttle, without worrying about the clutch.
  • It will make you a better rider. Bold statement, but true. The Rekluse clutch covers up a lot  of rider error.
  • If you run a Turbo, the Rekluse can help getting back on boost after a shift.


  • They aren’t cheap, with the flagship model selling for more than $1,100.
  • If not installed properly, you are adding another wear part that will need repair / replacement.
  • If the rider neglects regular shifting, it will put wear on the clutch components.
  • Finding neutral with the bike running can be tricky.

As with almost everything, there is an upside and downside. So, Rekluse or no Rekluse? Up to you!

~ Ian McKill, Riders Edge Suspension, Vernon, B.C.